Kusinara, India: Where the Buddha Breathed His Last

Kusinara, India: Where the Buddha Breathed His Last

Kusinara is peaceful. It has a serene sense of atmosphere, at least in the early morn when we walked through the holy city. Kusinara, or Kushinagar is where the Buddha breathed his last. He was cremated where now lies the Ramabhra Stupa. Strong vibes rippled through the morning mist, the aroma of incense sticks and [...]

Dhurgeshwari Caves and Uruwela Forest

Yesterday’s adventures are on hold – because today, I experienced something that was overwhelming. The Dhurgeshwari Cave, hidden high on a hilltop in the Dhurgeshwari Forest (formerly known as the Uruwela Forest) is where the Buddha who was then still Siddhartha, tested the theory of giving his body utmost pain and suffering while on his [...]

The Land of the Enlightened One

Bodhgaya, India Airline: Mihin Lanka Time of Arrival: 8.30 am Temperature: 15 c Accommodation: Hotel Royal Residency, Gaya (3 star) Incredible India; there is absolutely no doubt about it. Driving through the road from the Gaya International Airport, past villages and acres of paddy fields, it brought back memories of the drive through Polonnaruwa and [...]