Barcelona, Spain

I arrived in Barcelona on work and so I only have two weekends for my own adventures. I wanted to make the most of the little time I had in Europe; the reading may help if you’re stuck for time too! 

After work on Friday night, one of my friends who also happened to be here, took me around a few areas of the city. Night time is beautiful on Barcelona…the city has its own quiet feel to it. The fountains in front of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya come alive; we unfortunately missed it as it poured down with the sweet Spring rains. 

Panoramic view of Plaça Espanya
Panoramic view of Plaça Espanya

Before coming to Plaça Espanya, we walked by the infamous Sagrada Famìlia. The detailed medieval Gaüdi designs on the facade can be seen clearly during the day, but the beautiful lights will only be seen after dark. 

View at night. Instagram: @gsenev
View at night. Instagram: @gsenev

We had the most delicious meal for dinner at an Arabic restaurant in Esplanya. I was craving curries and rice with a lot of spice and that’s exactly what it was!

We then made our way to Diagonal Mar shopping centers and ended a very wet evening. Spring rains in Spain are cold, with a lot of wind. If you’re hoping to have your hands out of your pocket, I suggest having a soft pair of mittens and a scarf around your neck! 

Until day 02, beunos dias!

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